Pilates san sebastian de los reyes

Pilates san sebastian de los reyes

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The Pilates Method at Clínica Natal is taught by a physiotherapist with specific training and experience in this method. We understand Pilates as an integral exercise that helps to tone and strengthen the whole body achieving a perfect balance that helps to feel better, acquire greater flexibility, mobility and avoid discomfort and injuries caused by bad postural habits in our daily lives and in sports. Thanks to this method you can get a physical and mental training, and therefore, correct the postures that cause ailments and injuries, for this in Natal Clinic, the Pilates Method is taught in very small groups, maximum 7-8 people, which allows the instructor to customize the exercises and adapt them to each one.
There is nothing that better defines the results of the Method than the words of Joseph Pilates himself, “In 10 sessions you will notice the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 your body will have changed completely”.
In Clinica Natal we perform specialized Pilates for pregnant women, we have physiotherapists with specific training, who can help you throughout the entire period of pregnancy. The groups are small, so that the instructor can perform this type of method as effectively as possible. No matter what week you are in, it can be done throughout your pregnancy.

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I am a graduate in physical conditioning and a student of cafyd (sciences of physical activity and sport). I teach group classes in small groups and personal training.
01Find your ideal pilates teacher in San Sebastián de los ReyesSearch among the pilates teachers available in San Sebastián de los Reyes and contact the one that best suits your preferences (price, opinions, qualifications, online or home classes).
02Organize your private pilates classes Talk to your pilates teacher to indicate your needs and your availability. Schedule your pilates classes and pay for them securely through the messaging service. Practicing a method like pilates in San Sebastián de los Reyes has never been so easy.
03Learn unlimitedWith our “Student Pass” you will have full access to all teachers, coaches and pilates courses in San Sebastián de los Reyes, other cities, or at a distance for 1 month. Take advantage of this time to contact the best Pilates instructors, or discover new subjects and sports of your interest.

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