Xuan lan yoga abdominales

Xuan lan yoga abdominales

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Yoga at home with xuan lan

“If you want to do an express bikini operation before going on vacation… it’s too late”, recognizes the yogi who, as we well know, doing a bikini operation against the clock and unrealistic can be detrimental to your health. However, Xuan Lan has a way to feel flatter through yoga. “With this daily mini core routine you can tone your abs in 10 days and show off a (slightly) flatter belly this summer. Avoid sweets and alcohol, drink 2 liters of water a day, eat a balanced diet and you will feel lighter.
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The other day, browsing Xuan Lan’s IG account (@xuanlanyoga,www.xuanlanyoga.com) I saw a poster where the yoga teacher and writer was announcing a live class to improve digestion. I had never practiced this discipline before, but the very idea of putting an end to bloated tummy was all the more incentive for me to start. For a few months now, perhaps because of stress, I have noticed that my digestion is heavier than before, I tolerate certain types of food less well and my abdomen feels bigger than before after eating.
Hence my enthusiasm when I learned that yoga could help me with this problem: “Yoga has a double effect, it calms the mind and stimulates the digestive system,” says Xuan Lan, author of the book My Yoga Diary.
Everything said by the expert has been corroborated by several scientific studies. Like the 2015 study by the University of Los Angeles, California, “which showed that adults with irritable bowel syndrome experienced fewer symptoms after a six-month yoga program”.

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“Inhale peace, exhale love” is written on her T-shirt. In an in-person class, the queen of online yoga sees all, controls all, corrects all. She empathizes. She anticipates mistakes. She says that “what does not come out today will come out in 10 days”, that “the physical is secondary”, that “we must learn to listen to ourselves”, that “the body understands, that people intellectualize things a little too much and that sometimes you have to bring yoga down to real life”. “The important thing when you start is the regularity and create a routine with the type of yoga that best fits each one and in the right intensity. You have to practice until the body flows with the movement, in yoga you are not going to improve if you don’t repeat the ansanas,” she says.
Benefits: Improves posture by aligning the body in balance, strengthens the spine and improves concentration. A tip: “If you can’t place your right foot close to the pubis, bring it to the calf of the supporting leg,” says Xuan Lan. A don’t: “Never rest it on the inside of the knee.”

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Start on all fours with knees hip-width apart and hands shoulder-width apart. Bring your hands forward a bit and as you inhale, lift your knees off the floor with straight legs, activate your core so that your pelvis is not hanging, but still maintain a straight line from heels to crown of head. Lengthen your neck so as not to collapse your shoulders, keeping the space between your shoulder blades. Stay in the pose for 3 to 5 breaths.
From the plank, bend your elbows without taking them off the trunk, keep your neck long and slowly lower yourself to the floor with control. Tuck your tailbone and engage your core to keep your body in a straight line parallel to the floor.